Creating And Connecting Solana Wallets To Decentralized Applications

4 min readMar 25, 2022


Connecting Wallets To The KauriLabs Decentralied application

Solana wallets are the end-users gateway to the Solana blockchain.

Solana wallets work just like most wallets, having send, receive, connect to decentralized applications (dApps), and staking features. Every transaction on Solana wallets is processed on-chain (on the blockchain).

Wallets can be scanned on Solscan for balances, transactions, and other operations.

Popular Solana Wallets

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  1. Sollet (web, browser extension).
  2. Phantom (browser extension, mobile).
  3. Coin98 (mobile, browser extension).
  4. Solflare (web, mobile, browser extension).
  5. Safepal (hardware, mobile).
  6. Trust Wallet (mobile).
  7. Math Wallet (hardware).
  8. Ledger Nano S (hardware).

Setting Up a Wallet

The process of setting up a Solana wallet is similar across all wallets. In this publication, we will set up a dummy solflare (web) wallet since it’s the most cross-platform wallet on the list. The exact process works for every other wallet.

Please, do not use the wallet created in this publication; this is published publicly and you risk losing funds.

Solflare homepage
  1. Download the Wallet using the link to the wallets above.
  2. Access the Wallet (This is Solflare Web).

Creating a Solana Wallet

You can also restore an existing Solana wallet; In this publication, we will be creating a new wallet.

Paste in your seed phrase (recovery phrase) to restore an existing Solana wallet.

create wallet on solflare

Recovery Phrase Backup(critical).

The recovery phrase is used as a backup for accounts on the Solana blockchain; It gives the end-user access to the wallet and funds anywhere, anytime.

Keep your recovery phrase secret; NEVER SHARE WITH ANYONE; Whoever has the recovery phrase has access to all your funds.

recovery phrase backup

Confirm the recovery phrase

This step is used as a measure to ensure you have saved (backed up) your recovery phrase.

Enter your recovery phrase and continue.

Recovery phrase action point

Set a Wallet Password

Setting a wallet password helps secure your funds across devices, and most wallets request the password to sign transactions to ensure you’re making the transaction.

wallet login

Wallet Creation Successful.

solflare dashboard

Funding A Solana Wallet

Fund your Solana wallet by withdrawing from any other wallet. This could be an exchange wallet (FTX, Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase) where you buy Solana or any SPL token (Solana token standard) with FIAT and then process a withdrawal.

Copy the public key from your Solana wallet and fund from the source to your wallet. Solana $SOL is needed to pay transaction fees on the blockchain.

Example Public Key: 892xkDkH4xYajaa6m7TAyzzRQdxMzVH74YEWHBR5E8ZC.

Please ensure you copy all the characters of your public key perfectly to process withdrawals; You stand a risk of losing funds if you don’t.

Connecting Solana Wallets To Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Connecting Solana to decentralized applications (dApp) is hassle-free.

In this publication, we will be connecting to Kaurilabs. This publication will aid your interaction with KauriLabs and other dApps in the Solana ecosystem.

Proceed to Pre-Sale

Kaurilabs homepage

Navigate to Select a wallet.

Kaurilabs IDO page

Choose your preferred wallet.

We will be connecting to a Phantom wallet (browser extension); The process is the same across other wallets.

Connecting wallets to Kaurilabs

Sign the Connection Request On Your Wallet.

Note: Connect to trusted dApps only!


After interacting with whatever dApp, it is good practice to disconnect your wallet before closing the dApp.

disconnect wallet

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