1 min readApr 15, 2022


Four Things You Need to Know about the KauriList

The KauriList is a small number of VIPs that will get first-hand access to our latest projects, and have the rare opportunity of joining in before everyone else. This gives them an edge.

1. Why are we doing this?
We’re putting in a lot of work to ensure that KauriLabs is an amazing project with long term utility, and whilst thinking of a way to reward those who believe in us now, we came up with the idea.

2. What are the benefits?
Everyone who gets a slot and participates in the IO will get a Kauri NFT. This NFT signifies that they are part of the Kauri DAO. The Kauri DAO will be modeled as an improved version of the Compound DAO governance model.

3. How many slots are available?
We will be giving away only 1933 KauriList slots. The number of slots was not randomly thought out. This is tied to a story that we’ll tell in the near future.

4. How can I get a slot?
The requirements to get on the KauriList has been announced on our
Discord channel. Join our Discord to participate.

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