What is KauriLabs

Introducing KauriLabs

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  • A yield farming platform for different incentivized pools to assist projects rapidly and gradually increase their liquidity.A decentralized exchange (AMM) built on Solana allows users to exchange SPL tokens.
  • An algorithmic, non-custodial lending and borrowing protocol on Solana.

Why Solana

Solana’s performance stands out among alternatives competing to scale the blockchain ecosystem.

The Kauri Ecosystem

KauriLabs projects


  • Projects listed on the KauriLabs Launchpad are automatically listed on the KauriLabs AMM (KauriSwap), resulting in solid liquidity across many trading pairs.
  • Newly listed Tokens are immediately available for trading on the AMM by all users on the Solana blockchain.




  • KauriLabs donates a portion of its LP fees to effective charities worldwide to aid displaced persons.
  • A portion of the fees generated by the Kaurilabs platform is accumulated in the pool to give stable incentives to the platform.



KauriLabs Governance (The KauriDAO)

The KauiriLabs team admins will be in centralized control of the protocol operations, i.e. choosing the interest rate model per asset and other crucial operations in the meantime.

  • Listing new markets.
  • Updating the interest rate model per market.
  • Choosing new admins, such as a DAO controlled by the community, since this DAO can choose a new admin, the administration can evolve over time based on stakeholder decisions.

The KauriLabs KRI Governance Token

Kaurilabs provides a governance token on the Solana blockchain with Kauri and the ticker KRI.
The token is an integral part of the project and ecosystem as it serves these purposes.

  • Decentralized Governance.
  • Yield Farming.
  • Borrowing and Lending.
  • Staking.
  • Launchpad benefits.

KRI Token Information

The Token distribution

Kaurilabs Roadmap

The roadmap

Stay In Touch

We are open to views and contributions from the community and would act in any way to foster the development of decentralized finance.
Stay in touch with the team and community; let’s build together!



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Launch and raise liquidity for Solana decentralised projects and a dedicated DEX for all listings.