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Introducing KauriLabs

6 min readApr 17, 2022
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The possibilities in decentralized finance are open to the world. The new alternative finance system has aided in providing consumers with considerable value and utility.
This has also presented investors, consumers, founders, and developers with a new set of opportunities and hazards that did not exist historically.

Kaurilabs is a Solana-based organization providing solutions for developers, founders, traders, yield farmers, and the public allowing projects to raise liquidity in a secure & decentralized fashion, helping investors filter through the bad actors that could take advantage of the freedom and permissionless nature of DeFi.

Kaurilabs also provides

  • A yield farming platform for different incentivized pools to assist projects rapidly and gradually increase their liquidity.A decentralized exchange (AMM) built on Solana allows users to exchange SPL tokens.
  • An algorithmic, non-custodial lending and borrowing protocol on Solana.

Why Solana

Solana’s performance stands out among alternatives competing to scale the blockchain ecosystem.

Solana can accomplish 50,000 transactions per second, 400ms block times, and $0.01 average transaction costs.

We’ve been consistently impressed by the Solana team’s value and engineering prowess, and we believe that Solana is the most outstanding solution for supporting the next generation of DeFi apps for these reasons.

The Kauri Ecosystem

KauriLabs projects

Kaurilabs provides a suite of solutions for developers, founders, traders, yield farmers, etc., thus stimulating the growth of the decentralized finance ecosystem on the Solana Blockchain.



The KauriLabs Launchpad is a decentralized fundraising and initial distribution platform that assists startups in developing Web3 and DEFI solutions by helping them generate cash via a token presale (IDO), which is a popular way for blockchain-based startups to raise revenue.

Projects listed on the Launchpad platform get many benefits, including global exposure to a diverse group of investors and users.

Liquidity was always a significant issue for DEXS before the development of AMM. Liquidity in the market is not stable in DEXs that use order books, resulting in fluctuations in trade volume and slippage. The KauriSwap AMM, on the other hand, addresses this problem by offering liquidity pools and allowing liquidity providers to supply assets to pools.

  • Projects listed on the KauriLabs Launchpad are automatically listed on the KauriLabs AMM (KauriSwap), resulting in solid liquidity across many trading pairs.
  • Newly listed Tokens are immediately available for trading on the AMM by all users on the Solana blockchain.

Learn more about KauriPad here.



KauriLend provides a pool-based lending and borrowing protocol to its users. Loans do not need to be individually matched; instead, they rely on pooled capital and borrowed amounts and collateral.

The DeFi lending protocol is a breakthrough that allows anybody to instantaneously get capital or earn interest on their digital assets without lengthy bureaucracy.

It’s worth noting that LP(Liquidity pool) tokens can be used as collateral to borrow and farm with leverage. On the other hand, LP tokens cannot be loaned; hence there is no deposit or APY. Instead of earning a farming APY, Kaurilabs will farm LP tokens for you.

Borrow operates similarly. You can borrow a token by clicking the Borrow button, entering the amount you want to borrow in the popup, and confirming the transaction. After a successful transaction, your borrow position will be represented on the dashboard on top.

Learn more about KauriLend here.



KauriSwap is a Solana blockchain-based automated market maker (AMM) using the Serum decentralized exchange’s central order book to offer lightning-fast transactions, pooled liquidity, and additional features for earning yield.

Before the development of AMM, liquidity was always a big challenge for DEXS. In DEXs that use order books, liquidity in the market is not stable, leading to fluctuation in trading volume and slippage. However, the KauriSwap AMM fixes this issue by providing liquidity pools and allowing liquidity providers to supply pools with assets.

Kauri-Swap Provides a Safe and Quick DEX Listing for Project Tokens. One of the most intriguing developments in the Defi ecosystem is the automated market maker (AMM) liquidity pool.

Users contribute their assets to the liquidity pool to create a large digital pie, a collection of liquidity locked in a smart contract.

Liquidity providers (LPs) in the Kaurilabs Project can receive trading fees (incentives) proportional to their part of the total liquidity in the pool.

  • KauriLabs donates a portion of its LP fees to effective charities worldwide to aid displaced persons.
  • A portion of the fees generated by the Kaurilabs platform is accumulated in the pool to give stable incentives to the platform.

Learn more about KauriSwap here.



KauriFarms offers a yield farming methodology that allows customers to invest their assets in high-yielding farming possibilities. It is carried out in production cycles, just like traditional agriculture.

At Kaurilabs, we present both statistics, so you have the most information available at all times; other platforms only cite one or the other; it is vital to understand that before making an investment decision.

Bootstrapping early liquidity after launching projects has been a significant problem for Solana projects. By holding Liquidity Mining programs, they can attract more liquidity providers. However, this leads to the fact that Liquidity Providers have to be constantly looking for those programs without being able to stay in one place.

KauriSwap has a unique incentive mechanism that attracts liquidity providers to our pools.

Learn more about KauriFarm here.

KauriLabs Governance (The KauriDAO)

The KauiriLabs team admins will be in centralized control of the protocol operations, i.e. choosing the interest rate model per asset and other crucial operations in the meantime.

Gradually, Kaurilabs will hand over authority to the community and stakeholders.

The Kaurilabs admins would oversee these operations

  • Listing new markets.
  • Updating the interest rate model per market.
  • Choosing new admins, such as a DAO controlled by the community, since this DAO can choose a new admin, the administration can evolve over time based on stakeholder decisions.

An in-depth publication on the governance of Kaurilabs will be published soon.

The KauriLabs KRI Governance Token

Kaurilabs provides a governance token on the Solana blockchain with Kauri and the ticker KRI.
The token is an integral part of the project and ecosystem as it serves these purposes.

  • Decentralized Governance.
  • Yield Farming.
  • Borrowing and Lending.
  • Staking.
  • Launchpad benefits.

More information on the KRI token will be released soon.

KRI Token Information

The Token distribution

Type: SPL Token on Solana
Name: Kauri
Ticker: KRI
Total supply: 3.6 Billion KRI
Decimals: 9
Token contract address: C64WgwmfCyuFeV1k8MP1gRMP6NPA1ve7QLivvCrVaJn

The token presale date will be announced later along with an NFT airdrop; stay connected.

Kaurilabs Roadmap

The roadmap

Kaurilabs is a project set out to solve problems in DEFI and the Solana ecosystem. The roadmap will be followed by the team towards the development of the project ecosystem.
Yearly, a new roadmap will be made public to the community on the direction of the project.

Stay In Touch

We are open to views and contributions from the community and would act in any way to foster the development of decentralized finance.
Stay in touch with the team and community; let’s build together!

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Launch and raise liquidity for Solana decentralised projects and a dedicated DEX for all listings.